How would you create an angled footplate?

I am developing a script with Blender to generate a footplate. I got 80% of it working.

But now I want to put the tube in an angle and this is where I run into troubles. To get other insights, I would like to ask if you could make the following object and record your process. So I can learn if there are other techniques to do what I’d like to achieve.

Which might get me back on track and continue on what I’m trying to achieve.

Here is a video of how I created this, feedback on that process is also highly appreciated.

Here are few methods. Also joining the objects, and optionally connecting geometry and adding bevels.
Cuts with knife (K), bisect, boolean, and just projecting faces on a surface with face snapping. Could also use knife project, and mesh intersect tools (knife, boolean).

I hope i have not miss it in the JA12 video … but:

create a cylinder, in edit mode: rotate it -45°C, knife for cut it, select the lower circle, extrude, scale > Looptools, circle…