How would you create this character head shape?

Hi there,

I would like some information, on how would I go about trying to create the head shape first of all in Blender 3D? I only have these reference images via Bing.

How should I start this? I’d want to keep the polygon count low too. I imagine I may be able to export this from Blender to Milkshape.

I’m not a professional at creating shapes in 3D software, but I’m just going to have to try this out.

Thank you.


short of modelling it from scratch, you could join blendswap, download a pre-made head, and alter it to your specifications. if you want to model it from scratch, there are numerous tutorials on the subject, some better than others. what you need to understand most is edge flow, in order to get a result that can be properly animated.

soolaban looks like stucco

Oh, I’m attempting this to eventually try and import it into perhaps Milkshape for an old computer game. So it was either try Blender 3D, I’m using the version I have from last year 2.63, or Zanoza Modeler, I haven’t used that in three years and that was for a vehicle.

I’m uncertain on the polygon limit, so that is the primary problem.

Milkshape is free to use from reading about it.

I guess I can take a look at Blendswap for the moment.

What would be your first step for this just for a bare bones piece?

Or cantaloupe.

The modeling part should just be a regular head, which like Modron said could be downloaded from Blendswap or whatever. Use some sculpting tools to get the proper shape. The texture can be added after the modeling with bump maps. Let’s say instead of a head, you’re modeling a road. You wouldn’t model every bump and divot on the road, just the flat part. All the finer details would have to be done with texture maps.

I’ve found a body model, low polygon and a roundish head, either of these heads they both need some work on to get it looking like the character’s one.

For some strange reason, I can only view one model piece at a time in Blender what has happened here?


You are changing the mesh of the object instead of the object. It is possible that you only have one object in the scene. In that case, create more objects and change their meshes.