How would you create this texture?

Hey guys!

I’m creating a coaster car and I came to the texturing stage. I’m creating manta at San Diego, most of the textures went fine but then I came to the nose. How would you create this kind of texture?

This the nose I’m talking about. I have allready a uv-map, but I would know how to come even close to the actual nose.

This is the UV-Map.

Hope you can help me!

I would use a third party program for that for example GIMP if you wanna stay with free programs or Photoshop.

Yeah, basically what kreatif said. Unwrap it well, shouldn’t be too tough it’s relatively flat. And then in PS (and more or less in gimp)

  1. Add a purple/blue gradient
  2. Create a bezier shape (or path) with the “flames”
  3. Add an outer glow in blue