How would you describe the beauty of animation? And your favourite Animation movie or short?

Please, I would like to hear everyone’s thoughts on this! I would also like to hear about your favourite animation movie or movies.


My top 3 right now are:

Secret 1 - A close contest between Killer Bean and Cat Shit One
Secret 2 - Rango
Secret 3 - Agent 327: Operation Barbershop

Animation is simply Life! Once it stops moving, it Dies!


I love agent 327 because the animation it’s very advanced , a lot of fight,a lot of hard animations it’s the most advanced blender animation movie
I want to see what next gen by tangent animation studio will bring on the table

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I did not understand? :worried:

will so far i think its the penguin of madigashcar or somrthing
but other than that,
its inside out , wricket ralph ,
i love animation because people can do what thy cant do in real life

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Beauty is just another part of the aesthetics.
IMHO, closest syntax to describe good animation would be “Visual symphony”.

Couple of personal favorites:

The Flight of Dragons (1982)
Peanuts (2015)
Popeye (cancelled)
Lord of the rings (1978)
Elephant’s Dream (2006)

otherwise all goes
from Disney’s early works (Fantasia, Pinocchio, Snow White, Robin Hood…), Pixar, DreamWorks…
Manga, Naive & Independent art animations, Genndy Tartakovsky’s works (shame for Popeye)…

… as long as it has well balanced structure, visual style and an intricate, thrilling story-line… i’m in.

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@burnin Popeye looks so good and beautiful, shame it got cancelled. Elephant’s Dream is interesting too. Yesterday I ordered my copy of The Peanuts Movie :slight_smile:

Any more favourites friends? :slight_smile: