How would you do this texture

Hello everybody,

I have stumbled upon this shape and texture lately and I am curious about the solutions that the people of BA would come up with to do it. Or is it something that would be easier to do in another software (substance painter for example)?

Looking forward to reading you!

It’s always helpful to break things like this down into smaller chunks. In this case, you have a waxy, blue-ish, soapstone with clearcoat and SSS, with bronze or maybe copper streaks going through it. As the streaks go all the way through, you know you’ll need to work with volume. You’ll probably want to make the soapstone and the copper and mix them together.

So, here’s your copper:

The soapstone material shouldn’t be too complicated, this should get you started:

Then you just mix em, I’d probably use a heavily distorted wave texture:

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Wow awesome, thanks!
Would you do a texture painted layer mask in order to just have copper in the folds or is there some smarter way of doing it?

Yeah, that would probably be the easiest way :slight_smile:

amazing thank you!

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Hello @joseph, A few extra questions when you have a moment.

I have plugged the color ramp from the color output of the voronoi and connected it to the color input of the principled volume.
I am working with eevee atm because my project is a VR application. Is there a way to make it work specifically for it? Right now I have the impression that the computational power needed for the volumetric effect will unfortunately be worth the subtle effect obtained.

On another note, I am also experimenting with this tutorial about creating procedural skin, coming from the same series you sent me a link to.

Thanks again for the great tips!

As an illustration, with volumetric effect on eevee

and without:

It’s tricky, because you can’t really get the copper streaks under the surface without volumetrics. They’ll just lie on top without any depth. That might be fine, honestly, I’d try it out and see what you think. Eevee can do volumetrics but they definitely don’t look as good as Cycles, but you might be able to get “good enough” with Eevee volumetrics

Yes I will see, my old graphic card is already badly struggling…

Here I am starting again with a question caused by my first contact with volumetric material in blender!
What is this strange volumetric clipping effect that I am getting? I don’t get a transparency effect but a menacing black cloud surrounding my shape.
How to make it so the volumetric is there to help the material transparency as you were saying at the beginning?


Some visual illustration:

and the file:

P.S. I get the colors inside the cloud by just turning the light up. But no other step forward so far!