How would you do this?

I’m wanting to make a model of an acrylic photo block something like this

“basicly” im trying to put a rectangular piece of acrylic/glass material on top of a picture.

How do i do this?

Create a cube.
Add two materials to it.
Select one of the faces and assign it to a material, that one will be your picture.
Assign all other faces to the other material, that will be your “glass” texture.

Set up the IOR for the transparency equal to that of the acrylic. You may have to look that value up, or just guess.

I can set the material to be glass like, but how do i make a material that is a picture? if i use a texture, the picture goes over all of the cube.

Here you go.

You can control the brightness of the picture inside the cube with the emit value of material #2.

You can control the frostiness of the glass by the alpha value on material #1.


ras_photo_cube.blend (431 KB)

Awesome, thanks for that file, is much appreciated. I’ve been playing around with it and it’s almost perfect. Only issue is the bottom right hand corner, and a minor one of “light” on the top right corner.
with the bottom right corner, the blue bit should be a reflection of the right hand edge reflection, and the black should be of the bottom face reflection.
Not sure if normal blender can do this, as it would be like having a reflective property on the inside of the face, and a transparant one for the outside; i’ve tried using yafaray and not been successful.
Is there a simple way to fix the bottom right hand corner?