How would you do this?

To start off, I am sorry if this should go in the modeling forums. I think it fits better here, but I may be wrong.

I was wondering how to model this scene from The Matrix Reloaded. – Had to put it on PasteAll, its too big to upload here.

The only idea I had was to model some of the glowing green characters, take a basic human figure, subdivide it a zillion times, and go around snapping the green characters to verts. Obviously this is rather stupid. The poly count would go out the roof, and it would take me forever… So, I figured I would be smart and ask for ideas before I tried to do it the long way…

Thanks for any help or ideas. :smiley:

Note: I don’t really care if it doesn’t look exactly like that photo. I am not going to take the time to model sunglasses, or pose a model in that position. It can be a simple standing human, or whatever. This was more of a test to see whether this would work or not.

Maybe Halos?

How about applying Alpha map of matrix letters like this?

Or you could use some texture with a background and the character both using it.

By example a head in front of a plane, and both using this texture from ro-stock on deviantart, and in the material for the character some kind of texture emit to get it a bit more focused for the eye.

I’m not good with the render options, but you should get the idea.

edit : And with a subsurf

After that you can rework the UV size if you need the symbol smaller or bigger