How would you enable selections for only face mode and edge mode?

I would prefer to double click in face mode and for the select all the faces to work, but in edge mode when I double click an edge for Blender to do a ring select. This is similar to how Maya does things, and I wanted to know how I could do something like this in 2.8. It’s since I seem to only be able to have one or the other ( and ideally I don’t want to make a new keyboard and mouse shortcut for it.) Does anyone have any idea if this is possible.

Hi @Big_Mike1,

Welcome to ba.

you can select all faces/vertices/edges by hitting the ‘a’ key ( for ‘all’ ) and deselect by clicking anywhere not on the mesh ( or ALT-a).

For edge loop selection the standard shortcut is ALT+LMB click on an edge.

For edge ring selection it’s CTRL+ALT+LMB on any edge.

To add/subtract to your selection use the SHIFT key with the above.


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