How would you feel if your name was taken?

So, I recently signed up for myspace. But, now I don’t think I’ll use it. Why? Because someone else is using digital_me. Now, it may not seem like a big deal, right? Just pick another name, right? But that’s not it. I use digital_me wherever I go. Everybody knows me by that. But when someone has taken it, I feel somehow violated, because what if someone from one of the myriad sites where there is a digital_me, and that user is myself, goes to myspace and sees this freak, and assumes that I am a 17yo girl(I am not), like strange music(I do not,) and sees how she is, and associates that with me? Never before have I found a digital_me. Never. But now that I know that there is someone out there who is using MY name (I have used it for over 2 and a half years, at least,) I feel violated. What do you guys think?

I thought bigbad was quite original back in -95. I use it in everything.

Now every 13 year old is using that nick.

So i know how you feel.

That’s the magic of having a nick like mine, nobody uses it except dentists that don’t know how to spell (I kid you not, just google it!).


Hmm… Any chance I can get my name changed to theeth?


lets take my name for example (back then)

xwarrior…is it a super hero? no
xwarrior…is it the brand name of something? no
xwarrior…is it the name of a character in a movie or game? no

it’s just a x warrior…watever that is.

And now just take hotmail for example, try to create an account with xwarrior as name…it will refer you to xwarrior453 (well maybe not that much…).

just this summer at least 40 persons added me on their msn list because they thought I was their friend. How in hell could anyone make such mistakes if their “friend” didn’t have a similar nick?

well, Ecks is another matter…everyone refer to it as ecks vs sever…which is not why I choosed this nick…

I’m violeted wherever I go :frowning:

but actually, I don’t care…the people that know me by my nick know who I am, otherwise they know my real name…so who care :stuck_out_tongue:

Alltaken’s are everywhere. but i am the best



Never encountered another one of any of my nicks here.

Never encountered my nick yet. Especially when I use a derivative of it, vkgfx.

I wanted to use Laurifer for IM, but it was taken. :frowning:

Even was taken, so I had to go with The thing is, I feel funny posting anything but graphic art stuff there now, cause of the 3d part.

I guess it’s understandable, though. Laurifer means triumphant in Latin, or to be filled with laurel.


i thought mine was original. but then again anyone with the name of stephen who spells their name backwards would have this nick hmm ?

nobody has jellywerker, so I am lucky so far (I swear someone is going to register since I said this now… :/) I use it for everything, that and jellywerks.

Mine’s pretty unique… although this name is actually a nickname derived from another net name (which had too many letters to be used here). Of course, there aren’t very many "The Fallen Weeble"s out there… so I’m pretty safe.

Hah! I just google-searched my name and found out (er… was reminded?) that I’d created an account on Slashdot. For a while, I’d forgotten that, so I thought someone there stole my name.

/me walks away feeling slightly stupider.

No one even knows what mine means, so I feel pretty secure right now. (I know what it means, and perhaps some old-time readers here do too…)

But if someone were to take it, I wonder if I could sue (since I made it up and it’s completely unique)?

whoa wtf?

(tis not me)

But now that I think of it, Alex_G is pretty popular

no noooo… NO!!! NOOOOOO!!! %| :x :o

I have been known as Calvin on the internet since 2002.

CmdrTaco from Slashdot was stripped of his name in some MMORPG. He was pretty upset too, and posted about it on the front page of Slashdot not too long ago.

On a side note, I always think this is kind of interesting. I mean, the “ownership” of a name… how many people actually get upset if they run into someone in meatspace with the same name they have? I wonder if it’s the medium… something to do with the fact that most of the time your name is your only identifying feature in this medium.

Interesting stuff to roll around in your skull.

mine is used for sure.
i found it without even whtching matrix.
when i realized it was in the matrix i thaught about changing it.
I found “C0Rkn0T” and i think i am the only one. (I hope)

I had my beloved nick once, which i watered and groomed for years, back from first classes of school… and then… someone took it too. Don’t know if he wanted to impersonate me, or just he picked it up randomly, but i changed it to Yeonil, and i hope it is so unrelated to anything that noone will need it :stuck_out_tongue: (once i checked what it means, and its a region or town somewhere in asia, what is funny, because i made this nick from random letters. )


Stupid, thing!!!

i feel so used :wink:

i have found my name is not so uncommon, its already taken on:- freewebs, hotmail,, too many to think off

i thought i was one of a kind, but seems not