How would you go about doing this seemingly simple task


I’m relatively new to blender.

I’m just modelling an apartment and I want to add skirting boards (base boards) to every wall in every room.

These are very simple, just a rectangle with no fancy pattern. They need to be uniform in size and I just wondered how you would go about doing this? I can think of a few potential ways but I think there may be something painfully simple that I might be missing!

Ways I was thinking was to add a loop cut at the correct height. Then extrude them one by one. But then I would also need to manually fix all the corner sections.

Or simply add rectangles as different shapes and place them in the correct positions but again seems stupidly time consuming for something so (seemingly) simple.

Thanks in advance for your help. File can be downloaded from here if it helps:

Instead of extruding, select all the cut faces at once, and press Alt E, choose Extrude By Normals. This will auto fix the corners, should be exactly what you’re looking for


Thank you so much, this is perfect