How would you go about making these textures?

What I have is a map layout of a facility I need to represent in Blender. So far, I’ve done the buildings in a basic block fashion, but I’ve got some other important aspects to the map such as the roads and parking lot.

Circled in red here:

I don’t want to make the roads as their own objects, so I was hoping to slap them on as textures. The thing is, I don’t know how to do it.

How could I make these roads textures?

I have a plane for the grounds of the facility, and then each building is it’s own object. But that’s it for now, how would you suggest getting roads?

Please help, I’m pressed for time.


you could paint the roads on. export the uv layout of the ground plane into photoshop or gimp and just draw them in. or clone them in from a image of a road. depends on your level of ability

This is how i would go: quick trace in Inkscape, import svg, assign cycles materials.
Pasteall wont take .blend for reasons unknown :frowning:
Edit: Did i mention Convert to mesh, fill with ngon, Inset and extrude roadsides? Now i guess i did…
And pasteall cooperates again -

When I was asked to do similar stuff. I manually cntr-extruded shapes of the roads and parking lots, with a nice middle edge across all car-ways and several edge loops in parking spots.

Then you just need to apply titled texture and vertex paint some detail, like some dark dirt near gutters.

You can even make it better by using vertex colors as mask between two textures, or mixing it with some noise-based variance texture and then use it as a mask.