How would you go about modeling these details?

How should i attempt to model the leaf/branch/decorative like structures at the top and around the bottom?

For the bottom it looks like i might get away with a normal and displacement map. But im not sure for the top should i be just trying to sculpt it and then remesh it down to a lower topology when finihsed??

After that i can see i need to do something like a cavity map to get the dirt, and i think its something to do with dirty vertex colors in vertex paint mode?

I recommend you look at this guy to get a feel for the process

Alternatively if you’re good at sculpting I think that would make things easier.

For the dirt maybe try using the pointiness using a geometry node. Grant Abbit has a video on it that looks easy to do.

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You could either model, or get a b&w picture of the shape and use it into a Bump map. I would not sculpt it because it would be a bit tedious, but maybe some people are skillful enough to prefer this method. Then would you use the result as a bump map? Because if you choose to retopologize it would be smarter to directly begin with modeling instead…

Thanks for the link that looks the stuff i need to follow.

Update i went ahead and just tried to model it all out but then went with sculpting, which was easy, BUT and i knew it would happen, im finished with the sculpting and cant re-topologize, because Quad Remesh complains ‘non manifold’ no matter what i try, and voxel remesh just starts taring it apart with holes and such or loses detail if the voxels are too big. So im hoping it wont take up too much memory in a scene, here are the images, the texture mapping is fine with Smart UV project and no manual unwrapping. Bump map used for the bottom part.

with cavity map.

Definitely not the proper way to do it i bet… Detail and topology not optimal.

Activate the 3d print addon ( included) and it has the option to make your mesh manifold, if I remember right…


I also forgot the multi-res modifier has been updated to work properly right? Maybe i should have used that before i started scuplting.