how would you go about truncating a sphere?

i tried merging verteces, but i got these wierd creases.

I don’t understand why do you want to do that.

Um… I looked up the word truncate and I’m not sure what it means sooorrry.

But think like this - if ‘truncating’ it or whatever isn’t giving you the results that you want, try modeling the same figure using a different technique. :wink:

Hit O to go into Proportional Edit Tool (PET), select the top vert, put your cursor way above the sphere and hit S to Scale, move the cursor towards the sphere and run your mouse wheel to set the range. Or use a Curve Modifier after making those verts you want to truncate a Vertex Group.


With an icosphere at least, you can delete everything above a longitude edge ring, alt-select the open ring, hit ctrl-F, alt-J (fill and join triangles) to get a nice planked-over surface.