How would you improve this

I’m aiming for a realistic gooey/organic feel so i think there is quite a lot of room for improvement in terms of the material, depth of focus and lighting. Thanks for the feedback.:laughing:


Update please vote for the one you prefer more between #1 and #2

It looks flawlessy clean. Something to make the color looks less flat.

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looks good prefer 1 have you tried it with a hdri hdri haven has lots of free ones but suport him if you can he does good work

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Thank you for the replies! :blush:
By flat, do you mean add more depth in terms of colors or textures?

@BlenderTC Thanks a lot! Using an HDRI would be a massive improvement.

Because of how clean it is, it’s easy to know it’s a model. It needs to have something to make it less, clean. It’s straight and flawless. Real things are little less clean, little more dirty. But it could be that this is the look your after? Your model looks good.

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For organic model like this I think adding subsurface scattering would be great

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Subsurface scattering would make a big difference here. Also, bump map or normal map. Take any real object and look at it from a close range. You will surely see wrinkles and bumps and folds.

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Thanks everyone !
I added a subsurface scatter, a displacement as well as a bump map. This was rendered in Eevee at 50% of 1920p x 1080p
Here is the results:

Here is a version with HDRI from HDRIHaven (sunflower 4k)