How would you make a hand (unique)/ different using reference images?

I’ve found myself in a unique dilemma about this. I’ve gotten lots of reference images off of the internet, but I’m aware that I shouldn’t outright copy them (through modeling because of copyrighted images. I know I could do it if I wasn’t going to make a profit off of it, but I was hoping I would be able to so there’s that.) Since copyright is a thing, what I was going to do was use one image as reference for the form of the hand and then go back over it drawing from other reference images I would have gotten to make it more unique. However, my problem is that I wanted to make a regular hand, and not the hand of a hard laborer or something ‘that’ unique. Just a regular hand. Now I’m aware that there’s places on the internet that I could purchase hand images and even model straight from them (because I would have purchased that permission), but I can’t buy anything like that at the moment. I was concerned that modeling a hand in this manner may not be enough to make it more unique, (especially considering I wanted to just model a regular one in the first place.) Does anyone have any ideas about this or do you think I’m overthinking it.