How would you make a sword move with a rig

Like the title says I need help with making a sword move with a rig that i have made. I tried to parint the sword but when I move the arm it will not move the sword or if I move the sword the arm will not move any way to fix this.

I don’t understand what you might have parented the sword to. Try adding a bone to your mesh for the sword, and attach the sword to the bone with weight painting. Then make your sword bone copy location and rotation of the hand bone.

You’re likely parenting the sword to the armature, rather than a single bone within that armature. If you do the latter, you should be fine… until you want the character to drop the sword.

thanks yall I will try what yall are saying.

Select armature>Pose mode(leave it like that)>Now select the object(sword, u must get back to object mode)> right click on the bone, probably which controls hand and wrist movements and to which all fingers are child>Ctrl+P>Bone. Later by selecting the sword u can change its rotation/position to make it sit firmly in the hand, maneuvering the bone will effect the sword a 100% I did same for handgun.

Create a new bone and parent it to the sword object. Then make the sword bone a child of the hand bone. Moving the hand should now move the sword with it.

Fweeb mentions the biggest problem with Bone Parenting – the child object is permanently slaved to the parent bone. To allow for situations where the child object (the sword) can be dropped, sheathed, or otherwise animated apart from a parent, use a Constraint to bind it to the bone, and animate the constraint’s Influence as needed. The paint bucket in the early part of my showreel was done this way, allowing it to be tossed away.

Thank all of yall. With yalls help I got it done. Thnaks yall