How would you make this texture?

Well… Again, title says it all. I’m trying to get a 3D mesh with a texture as close as posible to the one in the picture. I’m trying to get the texture of the black-ish object in the far back (marked 1, as clear as possible).

I have my own ideas, but none get the details right. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect, I just need something as close as possible to the picture.
(I’ve thought about uv mapping the object… but it would be far too hard, as i don’t have a clean picture in which to unwrap it)

EDIT: Forgot to add, this is in Cycles.

Thanks in advance!!!

do you need the objects to be rendered in different scenarios? or from different angles?

from what I see, painting it will be sooooo much faster!!! unwrap, create a texture and go creative in texture_paint.

Yes. I’ll animate it and move it around a bit. I’ll try painting it!! But any other ideas are welcome :smiley: (Thanks, btw)

Well… I must say that if you’re just needing to make a material just for one object, it’s better and faster to paint it.

Procedurals require lot’s of time to fine tunning… And there are allways better approaches, depending in the quality you’re looking for.

You can model something with more resolution and bake into your base object (textures, normals, pointiness, you name it)
Then you can use this info to make a new cool material.