How would you model this?

I want to build this into a scene and I am not quite sure how to build it. The part that I am not sure of is the glass side with the shapes sticking out.

It seems that I can do:

  1. sculpting
  2. Create two separate objects and use boolean
  3. Build one polygon at a time and use subsurf
    4… Displacement maps


I do want to mesh to be high quality and for it all to be geometry. Thank you to anyone with insight into this

You could cheat with boolean and use a bevel node in cycles for smoother edges, but it will be slower to render and you’ll have a messy geometry.
I would do it using subdivisions. Here’s how to:
Start with the basic shape. (it’s just a plane I extruded once and applied subD modifier to it)

Duplicate linked (alt+D, not ctrl+D). This way you’ll only have to edit it once.

Disable subdivision modifier on 2 or 3 of the shapes, go to edit mode and enable snapping to vertex. Now “fill the void” by extruding vertices from one mesh to the other. You will have to do it for one side only

extrude down, then enable subdivision modifiers again and you’ll get this

Select all of them and then join them (ctrl+j) and go to edit mode and remove doubles. Here’s what you get

Using lattices or just scaling everything, you’ll have something similar to this

Add geomatry and make it a square “patch”

And here you go

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That looks pretty good. I think I will try that technique. Thanks!