How would you model this?

I am trying to take a 2D plane, representing a paper check using a texture map, and having it bend in the middle, but on an angle. I have tried a bunch of things but cannot figure our the best way to do it.

What I am trying to do is represented by the spline and what I have so far using a lattice are the others. I tried a curve modifier but it seems they only work as one line, not two,if that makes sense


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Convert your Spline to a mesh, delete the vertical segments and bridge the two remaining segments.
Or do the same but delete one of the remaining segments as well and extrude the other segment.

Or use a latice with more segments.

Or model a rough version and use subdivision surfaces.
Personally I´d go with the last method.

Interesting. Those were thoughts I had as well. Sometimes what you think are the simplest shapes are not really that simple to execute.


I tried to make one with the Nurbs surface, but I’m not even shure that I got 100% what you are trying to do. Anyways, in the attached blend file you find the mesh in Level 1, the Nurbs Surface in Level 2.
I think it’s a matter of cheating a bit to have something you can view as a square from front and as a curved paper by 3/4, because it would be physically impossible to keep the same heigth after folding the sheet.
The mesh in layer 1 has all the vertices on the 4 sides aligned, whilst the nurbs Surf is roughly arranged to show as a rectangle, but it isn’t precise.
test_paper.blend (493.7 KB)

wow, awesome. Thanks I will take a look! Thanks for the help!

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robi: I think you are correct that it is physically impossible - good thing this is graphics where we break rules of physics!

You taught me something I did not know, which is that nurbs converts to mesh far better than splines do.


np, happy if it helped.

Makes sense for just one Bezier curve…