How would you model this?

This seems really straight forward, but I’ve been playing around with uv spheres and subsurfed cubes and I can not figure it out. I know this is not a very good picture, but its literally the only one I can find online.

I assume it’s those columns that are giving you headaches, the rest of the model looks pretty straightforward.

Rotate a UV sphere 90 degrees, then delete the bottom half.
In face select mode, select the faces you want as the column tops.
Inverse the selection then delete the other faces.

Select the column top faces, extrude them down along the z axis.
Level the column bottoms using scale,z,zero.

I found the shape quite challenging… hence very interesting. :eyebrowlift2: I tried Orinoco’s idea and I can say that it doesn’t work. When you look closely, you can see there’s a central alley which is straight. The columns are also rectangular. Extruding faces from an UV sphere won’t give you that.

My idea is to build the columns as simple cubes and to shrinkwrap their top side into a sphere. Something like that:

(I added a Bevel and a Subsurf modifiers to make a prettier image.) :wink:

You just need to create a group with the top vertices and to set it in the Shrinkwrap modifier. The tricky part is to find the right size for both the sphere and the right spacing for the columns.

Here is the blend file of what I did: Forum Cubes in Sphere.blend (121 KB)

Just some food for your brain. We’re not done yet. After having applied the Shrinkwrap modifier, you should use a Boolean modifier to intersect the whole mesh with a cylinder, to cut the corners. (I wanted to give a blend file with all the modifiers so I didn’t do it.) And after that, a little bit of work will be required to fix the bevel.

Any way… Have fun! :smiley:

well there is also the boolean modifier, with that you can substract shapes or union shapes.
So you draw a wal like grid and then substract that from the sphere.
Then your columns would be equaly wide.

Also but not for this picture above have a look at lofting, (projecting a circle over a path), to create pipes, cups, wiring etc.

For faces etc have a look at how blender does support sculpting.

But my personal favor is just the cube, > with some mesh editing

::shrug:: worked for me.

You get the central alley by not selecting faces over the alley. UV sphere segments aren’t perfect rectangles, but they are close enough to match the columns in the image provided. In any event, all the verts defining the tops of the columns start out on the surface of the uv sphere, so you don’t really need to shrinkwrap to a sphere shape.

Anyway, every time I take a screenshot, I get the whole Blender window. How do I limit screenshots to just the active Edit window?

Well you can press ctrl+up and maximize your window. I love geometric art type things. Yeah I was getting hung up on the straight walkways. I approached it just Orinoco said to but the walkways would be narrow at the end. I then started thinking that maybe the pillars were less than half the sphere. Like the sphere was much larger and only a small portion was sticking out. I’ll try it again later after reading the responses just now.

Here a simple method to create the pillars

In your startup screen with cube selected press S then Z then 6 (scales startup cube over z axis 6 times).
Next on your right pannel, (with camera and world icon etc…) select the modifier icon.
There you click button “add modifier” click array put count on 6 and under relative offset top value type 2 and hit aply button
You see 6 times the same cube repeated over the X axis. and its still one object (which is nice for later)
Ok now we repeat it again over the Y axis
Again add modifier, click array, type 6 for count , and under relative offset take the second entry and type 2, and click aply button

(btw 2 a distance based on object size, you could type smaller entries too but with 1 you get a straight wall

Ready ??
Well now you a 6 by 6 grid of equal sized pilars who behave as a single object its one object actually for blender.
Try to move them to the center, as they might be large, you can even press S (for scaling them down a bit).

Now lets make the rounding part
Add an UV sphere to your scene (if you add an object you can set the resolution of the sphere in the left panel, i’ll skip that for now)

You might select both objects and press space then type align (in left panel highlight x y z axis to center them
Or just do it by hand, center the objects
Select the sphere hit S make the sphere larger and position it so that the top is below the top of your pilars

Select your pilars again, go to modifiers, Add modifiers click Boolean, have operation set to intersect (which is the default)
under object click the empty field, and there select your sphere, click aply

Next Look at your pilars
Then say Wow
And reply thanks :wink:

But no lets keep go on to create a bigger WOW
Select your pillars, go to Edit mode in blenders bottom bar, under select hit (de)select as much until all points of the cubes are highlighted orange, go to the left panel of blender and scroll down to shading
overthere click smooth (dont hit smooth vertex button thats something else, that relaxes the points)
No we want smooth shading.
When you click it, it might look strange thats because blender try to smouth out all sharp corners too.
Its ok, just go out of edit mode, go to object mode again (lower pannel in blender).
Next we are going to add another modifier to your pillars
Its called Edge-split (which smooths out surfaces if they are below X degrees) keep default 30
Click aply

WOW again but this time much nicer