How would you show some love for the Blender Text Editor?

Great to hear that the glitch is gone. I’ve tried to tinker with the typing, and just uploaded a new version. Could you try it out?

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Live preview update every key pressed now!
Refresh works too !

I am thinking to improve the formatting with left margin, what do you think?
( i am adding 4 spaces to test it ).

It would be even better to have the entire text centered, but that would mean figuring out how many characters are visible.

Simply added 4 spaces:

Looks better for sure, but could you define a variable(ex. margin = " "*4) and insert that instead, so if we find a way to change it dynamically, it’ll be easy?

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Yes done :slight_smile:
Would be useful to expose this variable in the Addon UI to have a quick margin feature. (3.4 KB)

Thank you. I’m sorry something is wrong:

Btw. no need for () around margin and no space around + inside ().

Corrected the () and spaces, thank you.

For what i understand the original parser “require scene headings to be surrounded by blank lines” ( maybe the python version too) :

Fountain Syntax about Line Breaks:

Adding blank lines ( like two carriage returns ) after “Syntax block elements”, the formatting is ok.

I also loaded the “Big-Fish.fountain” by John August and beside the missing syntax elements, the formatting seems ok.

Formatting indications by John August :

Could we use the Courier Prime font? ( SIL Open Font License OFL )

Other links about screenplay formatting:

Last changes: (3.4 KB)

Thanks. Let’s use this thread: Blender Screenwriter

The font can be manually set in the Preferences, but setting it with Python is very difficult because finding the right path for the Fonts folder cross platform is not easy.

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watching a programming tuto I saw an interesting feature in sublime text the multi cursor. to write at several places at once.