How would you smooth out a box modeled hearth?

(Åsmund) #1

Hello, Im working on this chair from Bag End from The Lord Of The Rings. Now I just need to carve out the hearth and managed to get a decent hearth looking shape. But as you see the egdes is pretty sharp, so Im wondering how I can smooth out the egdes to get rounded corners.

(Åsmund) #2

Alright, I got it abit better with some vert pushing. Thread can be closed.

(finalbarrage) #3

Okay you’ve completely missed the point of “Box Modelling”. it has nothing to do with keeping the model blocky, like that, the idea of box modelling is making a proximity mesh as fast as you can with only primitives, and minimal deformation to them to get a rough idea of the final look very fast.

for a heart like that i would use boolean, if topology matters, say if you wanna subsurface it, then model the heart first, then find a way to fit it to the chair.