How would you texture this model

I am fairly new to blender, and brand new to texturing. In looking up tutorials on how to texture I have come across alot of different ways to texture a object, which makes finding out the best way to start texturing my models very hard.

This is a rig I have made for a project, its very ugly but it is at least functional for the purpose I made it for. Each portion of the limb is its own mesh to allow for animation (software does not allow for mesh manipulation), and is under 5k triangles. As most of it will be covered in armor so the face is the only part that I need to try and make look good.

So what techniques would you use to texture this? Links to tutorials would be appreciated.
Note: I understand making seams and unwrapping a object, and playing around with the “wrap” to get the detail level even, but that is as far as I got.
I also have next to no skill with any painting program, my skill level is enough to do crops and “clean up” existing images in