How would you texture this?

As the title says, I am wondering how someone more experienced with blender would texture this model.

Any reply is appreciated!

In order to do a high quality texturing job on most things, you have to learn ’ UV mapping '. From there, what you do next depends on whether you are using blender internal renderer or cycles renderer.

I am “familiar” with UV mapping and have textured multiple models, though the result always seems to be kinda shit.

I don’t care much for which rendered it is made in as long as I can export the texture to Unity. So which rendered will give me the best result?

u can do it with blender texture paint.

have you checked into: dirty vertex colors, cavity masking, and / or render baking?

Project from view can give you good starting point if you had texture image. The rest can be clone painted or project painted using Stencil paint mode. Separate model in logical parts - easier to model, uv and paint. When done, you can join parts and re-bake.
Pure educational example :wink: . Clearly seen deficiencies of project paint which you would have to paint over.