How would you transfer animations from one rig to another ?


I was wondering how would one proceed to transfer animations from one rig to another, assuming the rigs have the same bones but that their scales might be different. Is it at least possible ? Does anyone has some experience with it ?

Thanks a lot !

Why would scale be different? If your scale on object armature is still 1in object mode on the new one, simply append your action. Select your rig and in the action editor select your imported action. If you rigged it and scaled it edit mode, shouldn’t be an issue. If you didn’t scale it in edit mode, go back and do it for this to work. If you are just saying the size is different in edit mode, it will work.

What I meant is that the size of the different bones might not be the same. Legs can be shorter or longer and so on.

Try it. Post back if you don’t know how.
Won’t matter.

It’s possible, but it might not look good. Sometimes, it will look fine. Other times, it will require adjustment. What happens when the source model strokes her hair, but the destination model has longer arms? For a FK-driven source, her arms will probably pass through her head.

I’m currently working on an IK heavy rig controlled by few bones. What I would do, if I wanted to transfer animations from another dissimilar rig, is adjust the source skeleton to be the same size of my model and use “copy position” constraints (possibly copy other stuff too, depending on how the destination rig works) on my IK control bones, pointing to their sister bones on the source rig.