How would you Unwrap this chair???

How would you???

like you would take it apart - 1 area for each leg, each spindle leg brace. back support, one each for the seat and each of the two horizontal back braces. OR, if it supposed to be natural wood, maybe just multiple materials with the same wood grain, but going different directions along each piece (assuming the chair is a group of pieces).

ok, i forgot to specify that the chair is a single mesh, and here is an example of how i would like it´s texture to be:

I could texture each part as separated mesh, i have the original model that i made and it is splited in parts, but i d like to know how to unwrap complex models and by the way i ll investigate what happens if you texture every single part and then joint them all together.

So, whit that specs, how would you unwrap it?


You could make diferent vertex groups and assing diferent materials with one big UV.

ok guys, i ve made some steps forward, i followed the process of selecting every single part and unwrap it using as texturte the original chair´s texture, i could have done it with groups, but i did it with the splited chair and then joined it and it worked perfectly; I m happy with the results, i thought it would be much more complicated to unwrap something. My next step will be to add bump and diffuse maps trying to achieve a photorealistic look, hope you can help me on that too. Here is a render of the last chair:

I ´d like to have your opinion