How would you vacuform a model?

What would be the best way to save the model and quickly delete a ton of internal non-visable vertices?

Lets say I forgot I was in edit mode and made something like:
Lets also say that the example has a few boxes hiding below that surface that I also need to get rid of.

And with that I now have a very big mess.

Is there a plugin that will auto delete all internal internal non-visable vertices/faces?

check the new intersect tool to make one object from several others!

then still have to remove inside verts
there is a function to select inside verts in select menu if I remember well

can you show more pics in edit mode wiremesh !

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Better yet. Here is the blend file: GB man tutorial…blend (1.22 MB)

Note that when you select the head or chest and hit ctrl-L you will see that they are not attached to the body.

Also, I tried using the model as a subtractive brush (booltool ctrl - ), but the body just doesn’t want to play nice with the chest.

What is the best way to fix this? (So I know how to fix it when if I run into it again.)

where do you see the inside faces ?
this does not look the first pic you added at all !


The pick I added was an extreme case example, because I’m new to blender (and modeling).

If you zoom way into the chest you will see that that sphere intersects the body.

I need to remove the faces of the body that are inside the sphere that you have highlighted and then remove the half of the sphere that isn’t visible when looking at solid faces.
(I want to have it has one solid and connected mesh and remove the verts that are below the surface and no longer needed.)

try this intersect tool in edit mode

but still need to remove verts inside

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I’m using 2.71. What tool are you referring to? The booltool intersect fails very badly.

not bool tool
but could work if not then

use the new intersect tool
get latest build at buildbot


The best method - spend 10 minutes to clean inside mess and get rid of not needed verts there, then delete bottom part of that belly sphere and connect body verts by snapping them where fit. Add some loopcuts while doing so. That will take another 10 minutes. Hide faces on back - delete unnecessary inside faces which were left there.

Page wanted me to stay on it - double post as a result…

Yes, doing it manually would work out for small projects like this, but I was hoping that there was some tool or plugin that would automatically do it for me so that if I had the issue on a big project that all my time wouldn’t be spent on cleaning up things that don’t want to play nice.

The intersect tool is half working but mostly failing.
As I’m going though and taking a very very close look at the body, it looks like I ended up with a ton of Plans that run through the chest on the inside. Maybe bool and intersect just can’t deal with plans on the inside of an inclosed mesh?

Is there a way to quickly select plans? (Select all faces that don’t have other faces on all sides.)

That is called “Non Manifold” geometry and can be selected in Vertex select mode from Select menu; If you switch to face select mode with such Non Manifold selection active most of the internal faces will be selected. Delete these. This wont clean all internal faces - you will need to check that again.

Box select outside visible faces and hide Alt-h also helps.

Yes, it messes up boolean operations.

Ah ha, it was that “Non Manifold” geometry that was screwing me up.

After I got that cleaned up, Booltool still didn’t do a clean job. It had a little distortion.
But, I did an intersect (That finally worked correctly) and then used the result to booltool out the inside of a cube and got a nice clean result.