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okay zanos so according to special relativity, matter == energy (remember E = mc^2?). therefore, by creating energy, you are creating matter.

What drives water downstream is gravity, what puts it upstream is a ton of energy.

Gravity is a constant vector force, not cyclic- unless you can make something fall forever sooner or later you will be fighting gravity.

Hmmm. What if you glue, or bolt, two bar magnets together, so that each end is the same pole - in effect, a “monopole”? Couldn’t this be used to generate a constant “push” (or “pull”) effect and thus create a constant force requiring no input of energy?

Welcome to arm chair physics.

Again, for two magnet poles to repel (exerting force) and for them to remain together, there is an equal and opposite reactin (moleclar cohesion of the glue or physical force due to some bolt). Again, the change in work/energy of the system is 0 (conservation of energy). Even if they are allowed to move some the change in work/energy of the system is 0. The work that would have been exerted by the magnets will be consumed by the “bolts or glue”. So lets say we tap that and let it push some “engine”. The change in work/energy of the system is still 0 (even if we successfully created some electrical current from the magnets push). Why you ask? Because you (or manufacturing efforts) had to exert WORK to place the magnets to start with, you’re simply just releasing it.

All of this talk is nothing more then a glorified wind up toy. You put energy into the spring only to release that energy later when you let the spring go.

Finally, I’m wondering… do all of you really think the best minds in physics with years of education and experience (like Stephen Hawking) hasn’t walked these thoughts already?

Anyways… I’ll let you all back to your conversation.

People dedicate their lives to studying and understanding physics at a very deep level.
You guys are going on about bolting magnets together or making some wheel which will generate power out of nowhere and revolutionize the world as we know it.
Go get a masters degree/PHD (or 3), then spend the next 50 years of your life researching and experimenting, but that stage youll know enough to take on such ambitious ideas, and within 10minutes youll then discover its never going to happen.


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First law of thermodynamics.