How do I get a background image? It won’t work! I just want one so I can model on it, but everytime I add a new object, my picture dissapears! I just want two different objects into different screens so I have a front and side view, but it won’t even let me have more than one object without losing my picture! Can’t someone PLEASE help me. This is getting very stressful.

Hi there. Stop thrashing. Posting a zillion threads for the same topic will likely get you fewer responses.

The background image only displays in the 3D View after you have pressed on the numeric keypad one of: 7 (top view), 1 (front view), or 3 (side view). [You can hold Ctrl when pressing those to see from the other side: bottom, back, or ‘the other’ side.]

If you rotate anything at all it will disappear. Press one of the aforementioned buttons again to get it back.

If that doesn’t help, post a screenshot showing how you are displaying the background image and I’ll try to help more.

There’s one method presented at .