Howcome My Mesh Is All Screwed Up?

Hello I tried applying a armature modifier and making my mesh match the bone positions but the mesh screwed up afterward. Does anyone know how to fix this please?

See screenshot:


Does it still have an armature modifier? If it does, the armature’s bone positions aren’t going to make a whole lot of sense in terms of its new mesh.

If you want to apply a pose, make sure your armature is on top of stack, apply the modifier. If you want to change the rest pose, make sure your armature is on top of stack, copy it, apply the first copy, enter pose mode on your armature, and apply pose as rest pose. (Can be complications easily, depending on your rig. A simple rig, no constraints, it’s fine.)

Thank you that fixed things. Now I am working shape keys. I am trying to open the mouth of my character to use as my shape key “open mouth” I pressed “Alt +O” and the amount of mesh that is moving is too much. Do you know how to turn it down back to a smaller area of mesh? I have one point selected( on my mesh and the entire head is being moved( I used to have it working right(moving a small amount of the mouth to open it naturaly) but for some reason the settings got changed.

Thanks so much for your help

Have a look at this:

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Howcome my mesh looks like this when I move it?

I checked my vertex groups and couldn’t find any problems. I tried your above armature modifier apply pose trick and that didnt fix it.

Well I will do my best but that was @bandages suggestion. Could you provide the blend file?

colbyApril16th.blend (934.5 KB)

The first thing I see is that you are missing the Bone_L.001 vertex group. I think this is causing the problem shown in the image, and it is the difference between that side and the other side which seems to work better.

That fixed it! Your a rockstar! I was changing the names of my bones when I was working on copying rotation. So anyways thank you so much!

Yeah, joking, they gave blender the name blender because of what it does to your brain.

Good luck.

I know right? It can be so frustrating some days while other days are great!

Dude I hate blender 2.8 with it changing the functionality of things like this! Ugghh why change everything so we have to relearn new stuff uggh its making it so hard to open my characters mouth.

A lot of the functionality is the same but rigging is not easy… at least that’s what I think. I don’t have much experience with rigging though. What is going on?