how'd he do that?!

In this demo video of a face modeling at Siggraph, how does he create the eyelids in the beginning around 1:40?

Looks like @ndy extruded a mesh circle with the E key, then S to scale.

There has to be something else going on – the extruded faces seem to be curved in this case…

Maybe he has subsurf modifier turned on? I haven’t viewed the video in about a year. Will go check.

I think I asked the same question once, I do believe he is hitting CTRL SHIFT S for ‘to sphere’.

yup, it’s simple… add a circle, snap cursor to sphere center, hit ctrl+shift+s (interactive-to-sphere, centered around cursor) and scaled the extruded part out (also around cursor).

geez who is this idiot in that video?

Ah! Thanks everyone.