hows my first works?

ive only bin doing 3D animation/modeling since Feb. these are some of my first works. as you can see the texture on the coke bottle messed up and i have recently added eyelashes and a bump map for the floating head he looks alot more realistic now then he does in that first render… as for the floating island im pretty happy with it. i did it in my first two weeks of learning animation. so tell me what you think


I’m new here myself and am on my first week of blender. I like the first two images the best. The human head has some flaws, such as his ears. But I like the background.Even though the reflection the the bottle is a little off , I like it, So far it is way more than I could ever do. Keep up the good work.

Looks pretty good. Yes thee are a few flaws in the pics but they still look pretty good. I like the Env Maps used on Suzanne! Looks like you are getting to get pretty good with this software!

I have only been doing any kind of animation since March and Blender since like early May or late April! Maybe you could have this thread used for us newbs to post some of their own pictures! I know I would!