How's this for a seamless skybox

this was made entierly in blender [but with the help of a python script I wrote]

essentially the technique is as follows:

  • create and uvmap your sky cube [make sure center is at object center]
  • create your environement, and place an empty or whatever at where the viewer should be in the skybox
  • give the cube a shadeless material, and an EnvMap texture [of sufficent resolution, in my case 256 was plenty] using your Empty [mapped to orco]
  • make it so the cube isn’t visible in its Environement map [my cube was just beyond the sky sphere, but you could use the dont’ render particular layer options for environment maps]
  • select the cube and run my script, which should:
    unfold the cube, and render it [bake the textures of the cube using the cube’s uv coordinates]

the shape being a cube is by no means a requirement, it is just one I found easy enough to uvmap well. it could be an icosphere, an octotoad, a tetrohedron, suzanne, or whatever else you want your skybox to be.

my script is very similar to jms’s which does the same basic thing, except mine extrudes the edges past those specfied in the uv coordinates, which makes the seams nearly invisible [and for some situations, completely invisible].

I plan on releasing the script when I have a reasonable gui on it, which should take me no more than a week (even considering how little motivation I have when the sun is out)

as for me, it is 2am, I’m going to bed

___ edit (in the morning) ___
for the adventerous, a seamless Octahedron
[this one looks better mostly because the whole texture is used [no big white block] which is simply due to how this is uvmapped]


I have a much improved script [still no gui, but it doesn’t really need it], see this file:

and an image

This looks Great z3r0 d :slight_smile:

that’s just magical Z3r0 d 8)

Wow, I’ve never seen you post a topic.

Anyways, that’s really good! Keep it up! :wink: (copy/paste)

contains a current [incomplete] version of the script, so some extra work is required to get the results I was showing

well anway, it also includes a normal map material. the normal map part could be converted to 1 texture channel [is 4, could easily be 3] if you like [by rendering a sphere to an image… I haven’t tried this btw]


this post is obsoleted, see first post in thread again

cool script z3rod! glad you finished it up.

Very nice! Thanks for all your hard work, z3r0 d!

z3r0 d wrote

…contains a current [incomplete] version of the script,…

oops i guess i read that wrong lol. glad to see it is nearing completion! ( i think! )

if you have Bryce and Texture Maker, you can make skyboxes Easy.
Here are 3 examples

NOR J. skybox 2 looks awesome,so is that an image rendered in Bryce?

:smiley: Woohooo, it’s completed. Darn, too bad I’m at school right now. Hmm, first thing when I come home, download the file and see the .blend. Yeah, easier environments ahead.

Great Work!!!

Jason Lin

Rendered in bryce and tiled in Texture Maker. And some small fixec in Photoshop.

yea there cool.

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Awesome skyboxes Nor.J :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah the texturemaker is really handy.

well, this script is about as done as I expect it will be for some time (.blend contains the script, you need to save it off somewhere with shift+alt+f or append it in files you want to use it in)

result (88k) for a suzanne in that file

That script rocks :stuck_out_tongue: