Howto: align vertices to a common plane

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Hi. I have recently started with blender and I’m having a problem. I was following a tutorial to make dice and I got to the part where I place half a UVSphere on one face of the die to make a dimple.

The problem I have is that I cannot align the top circle of vertices of the sphere with the vertices that make the face of the cube. They end up with a different Y value which makes them slightly offset from the cube surface.

I’m pretty sure I should be able to shift-click all the vertices I want to align and then push some button to have them lined up on the same plane so I can make a face. Any suggestions ?

Also, could somebody explain how to rotate objects to make them realign to the XYZ of the base plane ? Sometimes I screw up a rotation and would like to be able to reset the object so it is parallel to the XYZ planes.

Essentially, I think I’m looking for a properties box that has the editable XYZ coordinates of any vertex.


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Select a vertex


But this will be very lengthy :slight_smile:

Smart way (for that tutorial and in may other occasion is:

Build tha cube. It is 2 blender units per side… DONT scale.

Build the sphere, concentrical to the cube, scale it down as neede.

MOVE the sphere up by ONE unit (Hold CTRL down while moving.

THis way the center of your sphere will autoamtically be at Y=1, where the face is, and also all the vertexes of aequator of sphere will be exactly Y=1

Have fun


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Another solution (assumes that the sides of your cube are parallel to the xyz-planes):

  • Change to “Top-View”:Numpad-7 (relative to the face you want the dimple added to, I hope you understand what I mean)
  • select the (four) vertices that define the face.
  • Shift-S -> Cur to Selection
  • Shift-A -> UVSphere
  • Change to “Side-View”:Numpad-3 or “Front View”:Numpad-1
  • AKEY, BKEY and select the vertices that are “out of the dice”, XKEY to delete them

If you already have the cube and the halfsphere:

  • select the (four) vertices that define the face.
  • Shift-S -> Cur to Selection
  • Switch to SideView
  • Select the line of vertices of the sphere that you wanna align
  • SKEY
  • Move the pointer towards the cursor, click MMB (this needs some practice till you understand what I mean)
  • Scale down till they have the Value 0
  • Voila, perfectly aligned to the plane
  • COMMAKEY to switch to normal mode

If you rotated the object and not the mesh: Alt-R. I don’t think it’s possible with the mesh, so save often (F2 Numpad+ Enter to save versions, very helpfull)

Welcome to blender & elysiun :smiley:

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Thanks for your response but it’s made me more confused :slight_smile: My understanding is that the normal is a vector perpendicular to the surface of my poly used when raycasting etc. If this is true, I would only expect the normal to have an effect on the visual appearance of my poly. I had noticed that the normals of the sphere were directed inside the cube but thats a different problem.

I would expect to use CTRL-N if my poly didn’t render because it was “inside-out”.

I wouldn’t have thought it would help me align vertices in a plane. Are we talking at cross-purposes or am I just really dumb (today) ?


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I mistyped, sorry :frowning:

it was plain N key…


(azrael) #6

If you have 2.25 you can now use the bolean tool by pressing Wkey while you have both the cube and the sheare selected.
From the menu select union this will give you the effect that you are trying for