Howto control constraint influence with IPODriver?


I’m working on my first selfmade rig and I have a couple of bones that I want to use together through a copy location constraint but I also want to control them by themself by turning down the influence slider to 0 on the copy location constraint. This works perfectly on my rig. But I find it very cumbersome to use this slider since I always have to go into the modifier stack.
So my question is: Is it possible to run this slider through a ipodriver and control via another bone in the rig? ( A switch to turn on the constraint and turn it off like with shapekeys. )
I allready experimented around with it with no success for now.
If it is possible could someone give me a brief rundown of the method on howto do it or point me to a resoure where it is explained?

yes and no,
you set those drivers the same way you would set a shapekey driver, only choose “constraint” instead of shape in the action pulldown menu.
you can’t drive in-armature bones (yet) maybe you can in svn, dunno, but in vanilla 2.45 you can’t. so you’ll have to use a helper object.which you could parent to a bone and make to look like it’s a control of course, and you could use it’s rotation or scale or translation to do the job. But i wouldn’t be in armature.
could you show a little work in progress on the rig? just curious.

Thanks for the quick reply. So I have to make a mesh for it but that shouldn’t be too problematic since I planned on using custom bones anyway. I’ll have to give it a go tonight.

I didn’t want to post it yet since it is my first selfmade rig but hey why not. I’ll see what I can do but it may take a couple of days. :slight_smile:

Thanks again and happy blending