Howto create a progressive drawing in 3D?

I need to make the appearance of a text progressive but all the tests I did don’t work for me.
I tried to have bump map with a moving mask, but it does not follow the line or the text as it develops in space
I tried many masks technique but no success.
This is a sample of result I am looking for

I have tried bezier curves as well, and particles following a path… No success
I feel that particles could work but I don’see how?


Have attached demonstration file using the Build Modifier on a curve.
You will need to add thickness to the curve to render it.

You can change the length of the animation by changing the Build
Length setting in the Modifiers panel.

Hope this helps?


P.s Hit ALT-A to play the animation.

You can also convert a font object to a curve and use the Start Bevel Factor/ End Bevel Factor to draw the line over time.