howto delete a vertex in middle of edge and keep edge

Hi there

Newbie question

I have an edge with three vertices, start middle and end.

How do I delete the middle vertex without Blender deleting the whole edge?

thanks in advance

By moving the middle vertice to either start or end vertice, select all vertices then remove doubles.

hich, long method, i prefer select one of the side vertex and the middle one: WKEY and merge the replace.

thanks - but this method will destroy the uv mapping that is connected to the deleted vertices

I guess I’ll just have to redo the uv mapping?


The magic word is… PYTHON!

I’ll try to do this, even for myself. It is very easy, but not just now…

So I wrote a little script. It still needs to convert global cursor coordinates to local object coordinates, but it does exactly what you are asking for (useful for me too!)