howto find degenerated faces?

in my export python script i placed a small warning if a model contains degenerated faces (meaning only edges which are not part of a tri or quad). now the script will just ignore them but for having a clean model i would like to get rid of them in a easy way.

is there a function in blender already to select edges not belonging to faces? or is there already a python script for it? otherwise i need to write one myself.

Hi !

The simplest way to find and remove edges that are not belonging to faces seems to be this :

In face edit mode, deselect all faces first.

Then, select one face only (click on the little black square in the middle of the face).

Type CTRL+L in order to select all linked faces.

Type Hkey to hide the selected faces.

Now in edges edit mode, you will see the remaining edges !

Beware that if you look in vertices edit mode, you could delete some vertices belonging to faces (faces should be erased as well), so it is important to delete only edges !

Type Alt+H to make your corrected mesh appear again.

I hope this is what you need !


i did not go to face selection mode. then i selected all faces. then i pressed tab by accident and was in edit mode. i then pressed H to hide and was left with the edges. i guess i made an unintentional shortcut ^_^… but it worked. thx.

Yeah, I ran into this a while ago.

In edit mode choose face select

select all faces and hide

viola, all that is left is unused edges.

select them all and delete them, then unhide, mesh cleaned.