howto import images (e.g. png or jpg) as 2d object

Hi everyone,
I would really like to import image files into blender as 2d objects.
How is this done? :confused:


well the easy way to do that is to switch to side view (numpad 3) load the image as a background image, then trace the contors with CTRL and mouse click to add verticies…

not sure of anyother way…

I’m new to blender but there is a another way. Add the image as a texture. Add a plane in object mode, with the plane selected go to the material panel and ad new material. Then click on the texture icon and click add new. Choose Image as texture type then click on load image.
Brouse for the image you want to use, select it and that should be it.
However you won’t be able to see the image until rendering, unles there is a way to view textures on objects before you render that I don’t know of yet.
Hope this is what you’r after, Good luck.

Thank you very much. I have used Chinley’s method. I was unable to load the image as a background for the Highcommander method.
Does the Hc method allow the image to be seen without rendering?
: )

Yes it does.

Yes, but only in the particular viewport, and only if you select orthographic. If you select perspective, or if you rotate the view (ie: switch to user defined view) the background image will disappear. When you go back to one of the Numpad or Ctrl-Numpad 1,3,7 Views (Front, Side, Top) the background image will appear again. The background image is also visible in camera view, if you select Global, but not if you select Local. Background images loaded this way will not show up in renders.

Highcommander’s method is used when you want the image as a reference to make a model, Chinley’s method is used when you want an image in your scene, for example, you’re modeling a living room, and you want paintings on the walls.

As Orinoco said background images are used as a reference guide or to trace around but wont be visible when rendering.
Heres how to load a background image in case you were not sure.
Click on the view button, the view pop up menue will apear, make sure the global and orthographic views are ticked then select the view in which you want your image to apear, eg front, side or top. Then in the same pop up menue select background image, a little dialogue box apears, click on the folder button next to the image text and browse and select your Image. In the same box you can can adjust the size and transparencie of your image.

Ah excellent! It was nessasary to use both methods as I wanted to position 3d objects in the 2d image.
Thank you VERY much

How do I get different images for different veiws, I used to know how to do it, but I have forgotten, and it has probably changed since then anyway. I want to make a person, and need at least 2 reference images, a front and side veiw, I have the front, but how do I add a side veiw ref. without changing the front veiw?

Split the screen and then set the refrence picture for the part that you just split.

Thanks a ton, I guess I could have figured that out, I tried it, but in the wrong order, wierd how stupid people can be when they are frustrated.

just so you know, there is yet another feature you can use; Backbuf. In the render path fields, the three of them, the second is backbuf. find/specify an image file here, and then click the Backbuf button below it. When you render, the image will be the horizon/background.