Howto make longitudinal stripes on a cone?

Hi, how do i create a material (no img textures) for a cone with longitudinal stripes on the surface. Or better i want to stretch a stucci texture along the surface of the cone, but i didn’t find a way. Can you give my a little hints what to do?

To stretch a texture, with it loaded and selected, go to the Map Input tab in the material buttons. In the bottom right are 3 settings for sizeX, sizeY, and sizeZ. To stretch it up and down try setting sizeY to 0.


thx Laurifer, but i allready tried that, usually it works great, but in this case it doesn’t, because the stripes are only more or less correct on two sides of the cone, on the other two sides the stripes doesn’t reach the top of the cone, but they looks more like arcs. I hope you can imagine, else just try it and you’ll see what i meen.

Maybe you want a nomal map to the faces of your cone, or try UV unwrap as cylinder(?)

Well in fact i wanted to make a pencil. Modelling was no prob, but i can’t get a satisfying wood texture for the tip of pencil. When sharpend the pencil as got this longitudinal stripes structure. To fake this i thought i make a small stucci noise that affects the col and the nor value. And this looks very good, but unfortunately only on two sides.

Have you downloaded the Blender Texture CD yet? There are handfuls of wood images that would map just fine, but even better, there’s many three dimensional procedural woods, already linked to empties so you can change the grain angle and scale without adjusting the texture on the model… Try walnut or pine, just set the Z axis to go along the pencil length, and adjust the scale and coloring as needed.

If not, spiderworm from blendernation graciously gives hosting for it here. (217 M)

Thx i’ll try that tomorrow, no time today :frowning:
Wow thats a huge package of textures.