Howto synchonize an animation with music?


I have to do a little movie clip for an existing music. Is there a way to synchonize what I animate inside blender with the music? Or do I always need to render the animation and then multiplex it with the music in order to see if what I’m doing is synchronized… That would be very complicated and I should search for another program to do my animation, what I would hate!

Do you have any suggestion of how to do that? Thanks!


I used a spread sheet to solve this problem. I made notes in the spreadsheet of the times in the music I wanted to key then imbedded the column next to it with the math to figure what frame it would be (depends on how many frames per second you’re using). It worked reasonable well. I did an animation to the “Monster Mash”, over 3 minutes. I combined the animation and music in the free download of Pro Tools, which can run on PCs or Mac’s.
Good luck,
Pam :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I’ll do something like that too! Your method seems the best one and it’s perhaps even a good thing to force myself to do a map of what exactly happens in my audio file. Combining the sound and the video is not a problem for me, a lot of programs do that, and I know ProTools too. °v°

Thank’s a lot for your advice that this is a good solution that also really works practically. And also thanks for the fast answer! :slight_smile:


you should also calculate bpm/fps rate, this is good to know for motion sync planning (i.e. 25 frames of anim is similar to half a bar of my tune …).

otherwise, if you run pc, do not get ProToolsFree, go get trial of Samplitude instead. when you test both, you’ll know why I suggest this … There WAS a 90 day fully functional Samplitude 6.0 floating somewhere on the net. not so flashy as 7, but …

for testing, instead of rendering your entire animation fully press the little button on the far right of the header of a 3d window while holding shift

[shift]+[click on button]

The button has a tooltip something like “Render this view, hold shift for anim”
so hold shift and click, import the result into your editior (or something where you would add sound) to see if the timing is right, before doing your final (and much more time consuming) render

incoherent, my posts are, yes, but I hope you get the idea.

Ok, I don’t know that one, I’ll try it! And also thanks for the bpm/fps suggestion.

Yes thank’s, I’ve understood what you mean without problems. It’s good that you mention that button, it’s one of Blender’s most negligated features, but so useful. In fact, as you can see this button even became my avatar. :slight_smile: