HP bar.. why doesn't work?

Hi ppl,

I have a recent new problem, with creating an HP bar with Python, the script is done, and the blend too, but I don’t have any idea of why the HP bar doesn’t updates to the property value, I have maded an action for the HP bar and created the property value (Int) and created a message that updates the HP bar… but… this, doesn’t work…

Here is the blend file:


PD: Thanks for your help…

First of all if you got the script off of tutorialsforblender.com thats the problem, its a 2.49 script, any script that is made before 2010 will not work…

Yeah but I have tryed with the 2.6 script version and doesn’t work for me, but in the finished blend works… WHY?!

You don’t need a script for a Health Bar, use properties!

study this one. Its real simple. Press space to decrease health

working healthbar.blend (335 KB)

no python…just an action and properties
i learned it from a 2.5 tutorial but made in 2.62

Thanks, maded the hp bar with logic bricks, more simple.