HP using Blender to Demonstrate New PC's

Take a look at the second PC in this article.


It’s clearly running Blender to showcase their new PC’s.

Pretty cool. It’s what I always show people when I show them my machines. :slight_smile:

Yeah blender it getting more famous by the day. Even people at my school doing administration know blender, even teachers from the designing lessons and more. Ofthen when I tell people I also use blender they tell me, “Yeah I’ve heard about it” So it’s pretty cool, I think in about a few years lot of artists in holland will know the application. I also heard someone in one of the biggest 3d game studios in holland uses blender to model game characters, but I’m not sure how much I have to trust that, but well it would be awesome.:smiley:

Great! =)
I hope I’ll benefit from Blender skill when I apply for job practise. And Blender will also benefit from getting further aknowledgement where ever I get working. =) Because I’ll not shut up about Blender!

I hope that one day a PC company or GPU hardware company will just realize that they can ship their products with Blender included.:evilgrin:

“DVD inside. Includes cutting edge opensource 3d/2d CG software Blender, YafRay and GIMP.” :evilgrin:

hopfaly, then it would be everywere:)

Is that “GIMP” or “the Gimp”?:smiley:

Is there a difference?:confused:

Well, GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, so if you go by that it should be the GIMP. That is how I type it.

“Computers with preloaded Blender” hmmm. That’s a cool idea.

rock on dude, it makes me smile to see u say that!

Nevermind… wrong thread.