hrdi yafray blender 2.4 problems

hi im using blender in combination with wing3d for 2 years now and decided to switch too blender strictly, so i learned a few things the last week.
i started to explore the secrets of HDRI all went fine made a simpel stage with 2 sphere’s and floor + 2 walls and 1 lamp.i was happy with the result.
then i wanted to render this bike in yafray with hdri,things went bad
(picture below blender international render)
when i put for example a object on its own layer and render only that layer the hdri looks stunning but when i try to render all objects i get a runtime error before it actually starts to render, it’s still loading the objects en materials.
enlarge the pic =>
plz help me out i’m going insane.
i reinstalled blender & yafray nothing helps

LOL…most people would expect that a person with 2 years of Blender experience should know that it has an internal renderer. I’m not trying to offend you; it could simply be some weird typing error. An amusing one, I might add. :smiley:

Anyway, I suspect that your computer may be running out of memory, since you can render individual layers. Before you render, open up the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) and switch to the Performance tab. You should be able to monitor your physical memory (RAM) and page file (swap) usage from there. If the memory usage rises up to maximum while you render, followed by the error message, then you’ve found your problem.

But I’m not gonna waste any more of my breath - just try it out first.

You better ask this on forum, or post a bug on the bugtracker (dont know the link, sorry).

I never had problems like this. :-?

im aware of the internal render. did used it as you see on the bike but i want a more realistic yafray (plugin) render too with hdri.