HTC Legend smartphone

Since i really love the design of the “most famous” smartphone :evilgrin: >HTC Legend<, i started modeling it.

HTC Legend WIP using Cycles (blender 2.62)

part 1 of timelapse modeling

This is pretty amazing! I’d like to learn how to get the model from the video to the renders (i’ve just started getting into renders).

In my opinion, the time lapse is way to fast.
I would redo the topology near the 10 point star even though it’s flat.
Why doesn’t the model more accurately capture the side view? Are you trying to correct for picture distortion?

yes you are right its a bit fast. Its because i just used the blender internal screenrecord function (alt-f3). It takes a screenshot each 10ms and than i easily played it back with 25 fps… ->10x original speed.
Sorry, but i didnt understand your questions about more accurately side view and picture distortion (may depend on my bad english).

Up to now i posted only “PART 1” of the modeling timelapse. Sadly some parts are missing because of hitting much the esc button which stops the blender internal screencast…:wink:
The other parts will show more refinement of the model, maybe i will post them later.