Html and seamonkey.

I’ve always had problems with the screen resolution and the web page showing up the wrong way.

I’ve been reading some , and i think i found the solution fot this issue ,please let me know if im wrong.

To make a web page that is 800-600 , i first do a “master” table with that width and height , then inside it i add more tables or cells and columns to organize the page.

but then if i do it like this what happens with fluid web pages ?

Can somebody explain me how to make a web that works well at any resolution ?

and whats better seamoney or nvu’s?

I’m not a web developer, so I can’t tell you the best solution for the resolution problem.

But, I recommend you KompoZer. That’s what I’m using when i try to update my horrible website. As I understand, KompoZer is the continued development of Nvu.

you may want to use divs instead of tables. Using for example float:left in your css. There are many ways and tricks. I sometimes use tables for layout, though is not quite the fashion lately, hehe.

have a look at this, could very well help you:

I agree with extrudeface, the ‘better’ way of doing it would be using a CSS layout. Using Tables for page layout are now generally looked down by the industry.

Here are a few hundred css layouts to get you started.