does any body here have myspace and if so did you put html in in it. and could you help me cause I HAVE NO CLUE

I tried but it wont work.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they actually let you use HTML instead of their boring default layout. At least you would have something nice to look at so it would keep you from getting bored with all the actual ‘content.’

</end_bashmyspace_rant> %|

You can use html and css…I think they obviously have some limitations but you can cusomize your page alot if you want.

Jako: Go to your edit profile section and paste the html you want in one of the fields such as “about me” and it submit. It should work.

look in someones myspace page and they should have some link that says “i designed my profile with thomas’ myspace editor” or something, click it and follow the directions. paste the code in the ‘about me’ section.

also, if you are wanting to get a little more creative look at , they have great web coding examples and lessons, such as CSS, HTML, even JavaScript (allthough javascript or any other type of web scripting language isn’t allowed on myspace… personal experience :wink: )

and next time try to take the time to structure your post, maybe explain a little more where you were trying to put the code ect…

good luck