html tutorials

Hi I’m looking for some really good html/xhtml tutorials for beginners i tried googling it and youtube but all that come out are these porn websites( hehe try explaining this to your mom):no::confused::o:spin: thanks

google ftw

I used books myself, but you can try for some


I learnt html from that site a long time ago, haven’t touched web based coding in a long time but it looks like it has been kept updated with newer technologies as well.

thanks you guys

One of my personal favorites

Only shows the correct way to do things, not old hacks.

And if you are using IE, switch to Firefox, it will make your life a lot easier as IE is not standards complient with regards to how it interprites CSS.

I believe the only explanation for that is your atrocious spelling. I’m getting the desired results from searching.

your right

thanks for the tutorial

HTML tutorials for beginnerswill help you understand basic HTML in minutes. has some really nice HTML and web designing tuts.

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