HTML5/Javascript CAD app

Hello there, I’ve been floating around this community for a while so maybe this is the place to post this. Maybe somebody will find this interesting. Earlier this week I started work on a browser based CAD program running HTML5, and it seems to be progressing quite well, so here’s what I have as of now. A screenshot is attached, and the link is the HTML file that links to all the scripts. Sorry you have to download the HTML file, it’s not that big though.

The “Grid Settings” button doesn’t actually do anything, and you cant save. Snapping to lines doesn’t work either (I want to look more into the linear algebra before I try to implement anything). Shift locks one axis when placing new objects, and alt+mouse pans. numpad +/- zooms.

I hope somebody finds this cool :slight_smile:

wow this is very nice thanks for sharing. My only objection with HTML/JS apps is that they are very slow but other than that they can be also very useful.

Maybe they will speed up as time progresses, besides for light 2D work this is probably enough. It works pretty smoothly on my machine, although it’s still fairly powerful. The apps themselves can also use optimization I guess.

Anyways I’ve uploaded it to Sourceforge, here’s the project page:

You also don’t need to download anything anymore, there’s a proper link in the project description. You can still get the zipped source code of course.

Its ok, actually python is more slugish than JS. As long as you keep it simple and not try to do complex math on it or too many graphics you should be fine. Oh forgot to tell you that I did try it and it does not appear to have any problems. I love to see what you will make and how much you will improve it. Why you chose to make it in Hmtl/JS is there a specific motive / goal behind this choice ?

I have to admit it was rather whimsical, I was bored one Sunday and wanted to do anything except study for tests I had coming up. I personally feel like there is a lack of simple and intuitive 2D CAD programs, I remember I had to sketch out some part for a Blender project and decided to just draw it by hand than bother to use CAD.

The cross platform nature of HTML5 is also a big plus. I’ve ran it on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows, and my friend said it works quite well on an iPod running iOS 5, lack of right mouse button and alt key aside.

yeah the ability to access mobile platforms easily is a big plus for HMTL/JS . I have to agree. Hope you develop this further.

see this too. It s very interesting…

Maybe this would help speed things up (accessing CUDA from Javascript)?

That’s great, with the right java exploits, you can get someone to come to your webpage, inject some code and use this persons own GPU to start hacking the passwords on his machine… or hijack his GPU for rendering lol :smiley:

Huh seems promising, although I don’t think it will help much with my CAD app anytime soon.

Arexma stop giving me ideas… although is it even possible? If the GPU has direct access to the OS and/or file system it could be problematic.

If this is secure though it could be an interesting direction for browser developers to go.