HTTP/404 - Object not found

Does anyone else find it odd that they thought of 403 messages before thinking “What if they type the address wrong?”

What’s even crazier is HTTP/200 - OK

just curious…

I think it starts at 400, because ‘4’ is a certain type of error, and ‘04’ is the specific error within that category. :wink:

Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any error that wasn’t 404. Wierd.


Yes, i thought so too, not quite as funny now.

Well, I know 403 is forbidden, I don’t know any others

401 is access denied, and 500 is internal server error.

and 666 is blue screen of death error

:< :< :< :<


Complete list from official RFC2616 spec (pp.40-41):

Well you would say that, SATAN!!

Seriosly, blue screens are usually a load of random letters and numbers and have about 16 digits [!]